Facial Treatments

We are using professsional Dermalogica skin care products for all types of skin .We also specialise in facials like Green Peel which is a  herbal skin peeling treatment for more problematic skin being  Acne scarring and pigmentation, Crystal clear for micro-dermabrasion. These treatments are suitable for both men and women.
Relaxing Facial

These are the types of facials offered with Dermalogica

Medicated clearing treatment  cost for a 1hr facial £43

This treatment is the ultimate in acne management,as it targets current blemishes,while helping to prevent future current breakout activity.We will focus on your skin with deep cleansing followed by extractions.

Multivitamin power treatment  cost for this luxury facial for 1h £50.00

For the latest in vitamin repair and hydroxy acid exfoliation, this is very popular with our existing clients. Designed to treat pre-maturely ageing skin conditiond,this treatment includesa non-irritating vitamin power exfoliation and a vitamin recovery masque to noticeably impovoe skin elasticityas well as tone and texture. Totally pampering ,and includes a 10 minute back massage.

The presriptive facial : cost for 1hr facial £43

This facial forms the foundation of our Dermalogica range,as it is customised at every step by the therapist,based on the face mapping skin analysis.We will deliver a unique and tailor made treatment to suite your skin type.

Environmental Contral Treatment : cost for this 1hr facial £43

If your skin iss looking red,inflammed or even feeling itchy, then this is the treatment for your skin,followed by a calming oatmeal masque that will instantly calm redness and reduse inflammation.

Skin Brightining Treatment: cost for this 1hr facial £43

This treatment balances uneven pigmentations from hormonal imbalance,Uv exposure and pregnancy,by helping to regulate melanin production,combining regular treatments and  and scupulous homecare  regime that include sun protection, the results can be phenomenal.

Men’s Skin Care Facial:  cost for this facial  is only £40

Go on and Treat yourself as this is the perfect fix for you, starts with a deep cleanse,followed by a smoothing exfoliation and extractions,we’ll also incorporate a hand an,foot and shoulder massage, while your skin re-hydrates with a customised masque.

Revitalising Eye Rescue Treatment: cost for this facial 45min £30

Firm,tone and revitalise your tired eyes with our unique blend of vitamins and firming botanicals, our gentle exfoliation will remove dulling debris,while a super smoothing masque will help reduce irrittation. You will LOVE your eyes again.

30 minutes mini facial: Now only £30.00

A quick express pick me up facial for those of you with little time.Ideal to have just before applying make-up,orbefore a night out.

Back Cleanse: cost for this treatment is only £30.00

Treat your back with this treatment,  includes a cleanse ,steam and scrub, extraction followed by a masque.